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At Newson & Buck Lettings we appreciate that for many clients, looking for a rental property can be a stressful time. Our experienced consultants are here to help you find the right property, in the right location, at the right time. And with the least amount of fuss.

We offer potential Tenants an excellent range of homes to rent, both furnished and unfurnished. In addition, one of our team will advise you on local amenities such as schools, public transport and hospitals.

If you know the type of property you are looking for, please see our Property Listings and give us a call on 01553 780818 or email us at Alternatively, why not come in and see us, so we can start your search straight away. 

Tenancy procedures

More useful information

Most properties are managed by Newson & Buck, so when repairs are required Tenants should contact their local branch to arrange the necessary repairs.

Day to day maintenance of the property is the tenant’s responsibility. For example minor works such as blocked sinks, bleeding radiators etc together with maintaining the garden to the standard found at the start of your tenancy. Any gas or electrical problems should be reported to Newson & Buck Lettings or your landlord immediately. Any work instructed by you without authority or consent from your agent/Landlord will result in you being liable for any cost incurred.

Should the property be left unattended at any time, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is properly secured.

During the winter, it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient steps are taken to prevent the freezing-up of the water and heating system.

We provide 24-hour cover for true emergencies and further details will be given to you upon moving into the property.

Inspections of the property will be carried out at regular intervals by your landlord or Newson & Buck Lettings to ensure compliance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. This will be an opportunity for you to raise any problems you may have.

If Newson & Buck Lettings are fully managing the property we will hold a set of keys so that inspections can be carried out in your absence if necessary. You will always be notified in advance of our visit so if you prefer to be present at the inspections we can arrange a convenient time.

Rent is collected per calendar month in advance by bank standing order. The standing order will be set up 3 days before the rent due date in order for the rent to be cleared in the appropriate account in time for the rent due date.

The contract signed between Landlord and Tenant is an Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement and it legally provides a fixed period of six months tenancy after which the Tenant can give 1 months notice (from 5th month) and the Landlord is required to give 2 months notice (from 4th month). If all parties agree, a second six or even 12 month agreement can be negotiated or the letting can progress on a monthly basis.

When a Tenancy Agreement is signed, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to inform all the utility companies of their move-in date, as you will be responsible for these from that date forwards.

The Tenant must inform the appropriate Council when they are resident in a property, as they are responsible for all payments from the start of the tenancy.

We take the safety of our Tenants very seriously. Our Landlords are advised of their responsibilities under safety regulations and every effort is made to ensure that appliances and heating systems are functioning properly and furnishings meet legal requirements.

At intervals throughout a tenancy, Millsopps will carry out property inspections to ensure all is well. This will be arranged with you in advance and benefits both Tenant and Landlord as any problems can be discussed and resolved.

At the end of a tenancy, one of our representatives will carry out a final inspection of the property. We will then arrange for the deposit to be returned, once agreed by the landlord.

Through experience we can make a fair decision in matters of deposit dispute and are able to advise both Landlord and Tenant alike. It should be clearly understood that, in the event of any deductions having to be made from the deposit, the ‘Deposit Protection Scheme’ will arbitrate between the Landlord and Tenant to achieve a satisfactory and fair outcome.

On commencement of a tenancy, Millsopps will provide an inventory to check through and sign. This is a record of the property’s contents, condition of contents and condition of property and it is important to ensure everything stated in the document is fair and correct. Once signed and any comments recorded, it will be returned to our office and lodged with the lease documents.

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Charges & deposit information

  • Permitted payments
  • Before the tenancy starts (payable to Newson & Buck ‘the Agent’)
  • Holding Deposit equivalent to a maximum of one week’s rent.
  • Tenants Deposit: *5 weeks rent
    *(Tenants deposit – from 1 June 2019 landlords in England are limited to the equivalent of 5 weeks rent for new and renewed tenancies (or 6 weeks if the annual rent is £50,000 or more). This is calculated by dividing the annual rent by 52 and multiplying by 5 (or 6 if rent is £50,000 or more) and will be required to be paid at the start of the tenancy)
  • During the tenancy (payable to the Agent)
  • Payment of £50inc vat if you want to change the tenancy agreement.
  • Payment of interest for the late payment of rent at a daily rate of permitted payment percentage 3%.
  • Payment for the reasonably incurred costs for the loss of keys/security devices.
  • Early termination (when requested by the tenant) a charge not exceeding the financial loss experienced by the LL.
  • This must not exceed the financial loss that a landlord has suffered in permitting, or reasonable costs that have been incurred by the agent in arranging for, the tenant to leave early
  • We are a member of the Client Money Protection (CMP) and our redress scheme is The Property Ombudsman.

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